Thursday, July 26, 2012

Action ... 2012

Expert Plantatgators

All Action Projects

·         Design badges
·         Logo
·         Redesign wall display
·         Blog update

Next step: Develop an action plan for our ‘Now’ activities

Shade house

·         Make sure the structure is solid
·         More shade cloth
·         ‘Door’ – roll up door ; nails to rest on
·         Join 2 posts with cloth
·         Shelves around the edges?
·         Storage
·         Flooring
·         Boxing
·         Bark for mulch … or stones/gravel


Contact Horizons / Manawatu council for seedlings
Take cuttings
Garden Shed
Vege garden
Sheep manure
Water the plants we have just planted
Take care of the plants
Weed our Native area

Short term plan

Plant flowers around the school
Plant a vege garden by shade house
Have potting days
Eco source seeds from school and bush and grow
Trees for Survival
Plant school carrots
Edging – edible plants
Working bee

Long term plan

Plant things around our community
Planting days
School gardens
Eat strawberries
Help other people plant their plants
Start up a business to sell plants

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