Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Pinata

Just recently, over the last few weeks, we have been constructing a pinata as a technology activity to solve problems. After Mrs Fielder got back from her sabbatical, she thought that it would be good for us to make one of our own.
The criteria was to make one that would stay together, had materials to suit, the shape was effective, the size was reasonable, it would hold treats, had an entry point for the treats to fit in, is able to break at the right time and will hang up.
We thought about making a round one with party hats on the side. But after scrolling through the images we decided to try an make an alligator. At the time we thought it was going to be to hard to make, but after looking at our materials we second guessed our selves and got stuck in to make it work.
We now have to stick the head, feet and jaw on and then get started on giving it more details such as painting it, putting party hats on the back for spikes and giving the feet spiky toes. Pixel said that the start of painting is looking really good and Dylan said the body is really starting to take shape.

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