Monday, February 24, 2014

Our goal for 2014

  • Our goal would be to get a good system going with watering, planting and potting.
  • Name plants with correct scientific names.
  • Plant out plants on native farms along the riverside.
  • Look after native area.
  • More conservation days.
  • Water plants.
  • Take cuttings.
  • Weed plants
  • Clear tracks for the bush block.
  • Ring the community and ask if they would like us to plant on their farms
  • Get a good system going with the compost bins.
  • Weed community members plants if they want it.
  • Replant our vegetable gardens.
  • On one day a week we can search the community for rubbish to keep the community clean.
  • Set Possom and stoat traps

1 comment:

  1. Awesome goals for the year! Thanks for showing me around on Tuesday. See you at the next Weedbusting event!